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Backyard Bugs of Philadelphia by Isabelle Betancourt

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Backyard Bugs of Philadelphia by Isabelle Betancourt


This lively bug book features over 55 pages of fun facts and vibrant close-up photographs of over 100 species of insects that call the Philadelphia area home.

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What bugs are hanging out in Philadelphia? This book takes a glimpse of just that. Learn a few facts and get close up views of the vibrant 6-legged creatures that call the city of brotherly love their home. 

There is much for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy while flipping through the pages of this book. You’ll find striking images, poems, fun facts, and artwork throughout. Over 100 species are pictured in this book!

Whether your backyard is behind your house, a local park, or the tree strip between the sidewalk and the street, I hope that after picking up this book, you feel inspired to take a closer look around you. All it takes is a step outside to start experiencing the joy of discovering insects.


Photography and text by Isabelle Solange Betancourt

Artwork by local artist Lila Scott