Backyard Bugs of Philadelphia by Isabelle Betancourt

This lively bug book features over 55 pages of fun facts and vibrant close-up photographs of over 100 species of insects that call the Philadelphia area home.

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Explore Philadelphia's Insect Life.
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Only 50 copies were printed and now all have been spoken for! In addition to being in the hands of Kickstarter supporters and people both in Philly and beyond, 7 copies are at Philadelphia grade schools, one copy is at the Tyler Arboretum, another in the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University Library, and one is on its way to the Pennsylvania Historical Society’s Library! Thank you all! I hope the book supports and fuels appreciation and understanding of these diverse and awesome animals.

If there is enough interest, I’ll do another round of printing!
However, I need you to understand the situation. The printing situation is more complicated than just filling out a print order, unfortunately. I self-published the book using the exclusive software of a company that was then bought by its competition (Shutterfly bought MyPublisher). MyPublisher shutdown the software and was unable to give me a malleable digital version of the book. All I have are the screenshots of each page. Therefore, it would take considerable time to reconstruct the book for printing.
So, if there is considerable interest, I will move forward and create the second edition.
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